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SMS Testimonials

What do PEOPLE say about SMS?


HK & NK, parents

“We absolutely love this school. Our son is doing great!”


“We are Catholics and wanted our kids to be in that environment to learn about God everyday. We like that they have more one-on-one.”


"We love the teachers and the program."

CM & RM, parents

“We decided to send our daughter to Little Saints to have a good Catholic education and also because of the smaller class size.”


“The Little Saints teachers are absolutely wonderful to work with and really care about the students and their education. The smaller class size leads to more one on one which I think is so important to be able to learn and grow!” 


RC & JG, parents

“I personally am very satisfied with the attention teachers give my children; they are very trained and I think they do what they really like.”


“It is an excellent opportunity for our son to develop and learn about religious values.”


“I highly recommend Little Saints Preschool, because children are very well treated and receive personalized attention.”


“I think it is a good idea to introduce children to the participation of the Mass, because they need to know the importance of having God present in our lives.”


DH & CH, parents

“When I drop my daughter off for the school in the morning everyone greets us by name with a smile on their faces. I love this family feel you get when you walk through the door. Everyone is so kind and supportive!


“We decided to send our daughter to St. Mary's School for a few reasons. We loved the idea of small class sizes, as well as the fact that faith and religion would be integrated into her daily routine.”


"We would recommend SMS to anyone who is considering it. You just can’t beat the small class sizes, the friendly staff, and having Jesus be a part of your everyday routine!”


We’ve been very impressed with our daughter's preschool experience. It’s fun to see all the new things she has learned along the way!”


JT & TT, parents

“We have been very pleased with SMS Little Saints Preschool! We originally were going to start our our son next fall, but due to a sudden change with our daycare, SMS accepted him this past November. I can’t say enough about how helpful and caring all the staff was. Since the first day, our son has been smiling ear to ear about school. I was nervous about the transition for him but it’s been wonderful.”


“Just since November, we have seen so many changes both academically and personally in our son, it’s hard to believe he’s only 3. We love the full day option too as we both work out of town and can’t do mid-day pick-up. I would recommend this program to anyone; I already have.”

AR, parent

“Everything that’s important in a preschooler’s day is part of Little Saints! Love, learning, fun, guidance, and opportunity to grow. The staff is very capable and loving. Meals and time to rest are provided. My daughter loves the afternoon because of the fun activities they do. Little Saints works well with my full-time work schedule.”


“It was easier for me as a parent to be able to have both my kids at St. Mary’s instead of one at daycare and one at school.”


“It is simply the best! Ms. Dana is wonderful!” 


DB & MB, parents

“A large part of our decision to send our sons to St. Mary's School is that they are able to educate the children academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. We love that they pray together before meals, teach the kids about their faith, and have the opportunity to attend mass. Our sons are learning how to be respectful Christians, kind to others, and attentive to others’ needs.         


My husband and I both grew up attending Catholic Schools. We appreciate the values that were instilled in us and we believe that Catholic education is the greatest investment we can make in our children’s future.”


Saint Mary’s is a community. Regardless of age, kids know and respect one another. On a regular basis, the students at Little Saints meet with their 5th grade book buddies. The littles look forward to their interactions with the bigger kids, who become excellent role models to them. The sense of community also goes beyond the classroom. As parents, we’ve also developed strong friendships with other parents. We look forward to social gatherings at school functions, but also outside events, as well. 


The remarkable passion and dedication of the Little Saints staff, and the St. Mary’s staff as a whole, is another reason we chose this program. Each of them works tirelessly and makes sacrifices to help develop each child to their full potential.  


In addition, the facilities at Little Saints are wonderful. The newly renovated classroom is spacious and welcoming. There’s plenty of room for the kids to explore and play, but also areas that would promote learning. The newly installed Rainbow play system is also exciting and fun for kids. The equipment is appropriate for little ones and has lots of space for imaginative play. Kids Time is a wonderful benefit, as well. We are able to drop our child off before school and know that he’ll be well cared for until after our work day is done. During that time, he receives breakfast, snack, homework time, and also time to socialize.” 


AA & BA, parents

"Not only do we love the community feel at this school, we are impressed with what the program has to offer such as: full or half day schedule flexibility, a large renovated classroom for optimal learning, a brand new preschool playground, and even after school care. We love that our child is learning about our faith, and that prayer is integrated into a daily routine."


"The teachers care so much for the students and are great at making learning both challenging and fun. We are impressed with how quickly our daughter is picking up on learning letters and numbers, and we love to see her spell names and words at home at night. She is also learning different prayers and even reminds us to pray before dinner and before bed."


"We are very impressed with the Little Saints preschool program, and would highly recommend it to others!"

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