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Welcome you to the St. Mary’s Catholic School Little Saints Preschool program!  This program is available for children who are 3-5 years of age. Our caring, experienced Preschool team includes our lead teacher Dana Finken, assistant teacher Madelyn Klaphake, and Foster Grandma Julie Boecker.


To learn more about the Pre-K teachers, please visit our MEET US page.


We invite you to visit our fully-licensed preschool anytime; we are excited to share our love of learning with your child.  Our nurturing, experienced staff celebrates each child individually, focusing on the development of the whole child through learning and play in a Christ-based environment. We have numerous class options to fit your family's needs:


  • 5 full days: $400.00/month

  • 4 full days: $325.00/month

  • 3 full days: $250.00/month

  • 2 full days: $175.00/month

  • 5 half days: $200.00/month

  • 3 half days: $125.00/month


We also offer after-school care for preschool students; this care is also available for non-school days and late-start days.  Please contact St. Mary’s School if you would like more information on this option.


We enjoy sharing information about our program, and appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions that families may have.  If you would like to discuss your child’s needs, or if we can assist you in any way in the registration process, please feel free to call the school office at 320-256-4257.

Ms. Dana Finken
Program Goals:

Our preschool program is centered around the best interest of the students. Specific goals of the program:

  • To provide a curriculum that is child centered with a Catholic/Christian orientation.

  • To stimulate creative interest, by promoting materials and opportunities for manipulative and imaginative play.

  • To encourage independence and a sense of personal responsibility.

  • To stimulate each child's curiosity and love of learning.

  • To strengthen each child's feelings of self-worth.



The preschool curriculum is called Ready to Advance (Benchmark). It is a comprehensive early learning program. There are 10 units in this program; each unit has components of literacy, math, science, social studies, social/emotional development, and arts and physical development. Specifically, the following areas are covered throughout the school year:

  • Math: Counting to 30, counting using 1-to-1 correspondence to 15, creating simple and complex patterns, sorting by 2 or more attributes, describing features of 2D shapes.

  • Language Arts: Letter names and sounds, rhyming, alliteration, writing name independently using correct letter formation, book print concepts, vocabulary development, print and phonological awareness, follow oral directions, retell/sequence events in a story.

  • Science: Taking care of self and environment, verbally identifying obvious differences and similarities, experimenting with floating and sinking, experimenting with wind and water, differences between shadows and reflections.

  • Fine Motor: Cutting straight, curvy, and zigzag lines, drawing recognizable shapes and adding detail to pictures.

  • Social Skills: Demonstrating increasing confidence in one's own ability, ability to resolve one's own conflicts, responding appropriately to other’s emotions, building friendships through play, learning activities, and conversation.


For More Information/To Register: 

Call 320-256-4257 or email us at  

Class sizes are limited so register TODAY!

Ms. Madelyn Klaphake

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