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The Importance of Accreditation

Who seeks Accreditation?


MNSAA accredits K-12 elementary and secondary nonpublic schools in Minnesota. MNSAA’s mission is to be a catalyst for enhancing the quality of K-12 nonpublic education in Minnesota through a comprehensive process of accreditation. 


Why Schools Seek Accreditation


√ Provides a framework for the best possible educational program for learners. 


√ Offers objective outside validation that a school has met high standards of excellence and is actively seeking a quality educational program.


√ Assures stakeholders that the school program and organization periodically undergoes an intensive self-evaluation and a review by unaffiliated educators.


√ Provides a long range strategic planning focused on student achievement and ongoing school improvement. 


√Facilitates a process whereby staff communication results in shared commitment to future directions.


√ Offers a network of educational relationships for the exchange of ideas and methods to meet student needs. 


MOST IMPORTANTLY: It provides SMS with a framework that we will need to 

*learn what we are good at

*learn what we need to improve

*provide the best environment for our students to be successful





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