APR/MAY 2015

2nd Grade: Compound Memory Words


TOP PHOTO:  2nd graders learned about compound words and created index cards depicting the components of their words with pictures and meanings.  




5th Grade: Historic Visit & Heroes


BELOW, 5th graders visited Fort Snelling (far left) and dressed up as historic heroes such as Betsy Ross, Neil Armstrong, Paul Revere, Amelia Earhart, and Abraham Lincoln...just to name a few.



MAR 2015

1st Grade: Service Project at Pine Villa


This month we’re featuring a service project of the SMS 1st Graders .  Students visited the Pine Villa Nursing Home and played BINGO with residents .  These pictures show the wonderful interaction that happened as generations blended over a favorite board game of young and old.  

FEB 2015

All Grades: Classroom Projects for the 2015 Auction4Education


This month’s featured projects come for all ofour students, Pre-K through 6th.  Each will be auctioned off at this year’s Auction4Education on Saturday, March 7th.  Hats off to ALL who helped fund these projects and/or provided time and talent to create them.

FEB 2015

6th GRADE: Long Lake Conservation Camp


Each year, 6th grade teacher, Ms. Sue Pundsack, share her environmental activism by taking students to the Long Lake Conservation Camp (LLCC) in the dead of winter. Located in Palisade, MN, the camp provides unique, hands-on learning and encourages the exploration, conservation, education, and appreciation of nature. It is this type of experiential learning that Ms. Pundsack thrives on.  This year was Ms. Pundsack's 27th student camp—her 20th to LLCC and 7 annual trips to Camp Courage before that.  Here are few pictues from this year's experience.

JAN 2015

3rd Grade: Interactive Notebooks &

The Scientific Process


This year, 3rd Graders are trying out using interactive notebooks in Math, Reading, and Language to learn without drills, practice sheets or workbooks. These pictures show students using all steps of the Scientific Process to figure out how to build the highest tower of stacked cups.


1.Ask the question how?

2.Make a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, make observations, and draw conclusions.

3.Report results.


Ms. Gail says the activity was incredibly fun and intense!  She’s excited to do more!

DEC 2014

Pre-K & K: Christmas Plays at the Paramount


On Dec. 4th, the Little Saints and Kindergarten classes went to the Paramount for a

Christmas Double Feature:  A Charlie Brown Christmas and Frosty the Snowman.

OCT/NOV 2014

4th Grade: Teepees & Bones


The TEEPEE PROJECT was done while studying the early Native American tribes.  Students had to tell a story using Native American symbols, and then draw their stories onto their teepees. They also wrote their stories in words.


For the BONES PROJECT, students tested a round paper tube and a square paper tube to see which would hold more books, helping them understand which shape would make the stronger bone. Students learned that the round tubes were stronger, which  is why our bones are round instead of square.

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