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School Happenings


Here's where you'll find photos, info, and highlights from happenings at St. Mary's School (SMS), plus sneak peeks at what's coming next. 

SMS Prayer-a-thon/Marathon was a Huge Success! Thank you!

September 29, 2023


On September 29, SMS had our annual Prayer-a-thon/Marathon--collecting prayer intentions and pledges for the school.  More than 525 prayer intentions have been collected and over $25,000 was raised--far exceeding our goal of $23,000.  Thanks to all who participated!  The prayer intentions will be used in the classrooms throughout the year.

6th Grade Wax Museum

November 2022

Our 6th graders hosted a virtual Wax Museum in November, highlighting famous people from the 1970's and 1980's. Parents, family, and friends were able to attend the event and the other grades got to visit them too!

IMG_6709 (2).JPG
SMS HONORS our Veterans

November 2022

SMS attended a Veterans Day Program on November 11, 2022, to honor and remember our veterans. Thank you to all our veterans for your service to our country!

SMS Christmas Program

December 2022

SMS had such good intentions on performing their Christmas Program for families and friends, but the weather had other ideas. After rescheduling the program twice and still having to cancel, the school decided to move back to learning at school instead of continuing to plan for the program in mid-January. Please click on the link to see some great pics and videos of the kids practicing and enjoying the Christmas season! 


Our Little Saints Preschool was able to perform their faith-filled (and adorable) program at SMS on the one day we didn't have a school cancelation ;) They also had birthday doughnuts and juice to celebrate Jesus' birthday; how fun is that?!?

2nd Grade First Reconciliation

January 2022

The 2nd grade class celebrated the Sacrament of First Reconciliation in January. This is a very special day for these students as they prepare for First Communion.

SMS Auction4Education

March 4, 2023


St. Mary's Catholic School hosted our auction and raffle on March 4, 2023. This was our second time hosting the raffle; we sold all 1000 tickets again!


We are excited to announce that the Auction4Education has raised an amazing total of $150,000 for the school; this includes $70,000 from the raffle. Many thanks to all the SMS families, friends, and community members for making this event such a wonderful success.


Enjoy pictures of our amazing auction chairs and the Teachers and the Preacher Staff Sing-a-long!


SMS Catholic Schools Week and Annual Family Fun Night

January 29-February 3, 2023


Our school celebrated Catholic Schools Week with fun dress up days, a school breakfast, and family fun night. Our 4th-6th graders went skiing, and our younger students enjoyed sledding!


SMS students also wrote letters to community helpers, had meetings with parish ministry leaders to learn more about these organizations, and had mini courses too!

CSW Mass_Church Slides 2_11, 2_12.png
CSW Mass_Church Slides 2_11, 2_12 (1).png
CSW Mass_Church Slides 2_11, 2_12 (2).png
CSW Mass_Church Slides 2_11, 2_12 (3).png
CSW Mass_Church Slides 2_11, 2_12 (5).png
6th Grade Festival of Nations

May 5, 2023

St. Mary's 6th grade class hosted their annual Festival of Nations on May 5th. Preschool-5th grade students and 6th grade parents were able to tour and learn about many countries around the world. The students worked many hours on their projects and were excited to share what they learned about the country they chose. Congrats to the 6th graders on the wonderful job they did!

2nd Grade First Communion

April and May, 2023

St. Mary's 2nd grade students were excited to receive their First Holy Communion this spring; families were able to choose one of 4 masses in April and May to attend for this special occasion. Please keep praying for these students as they continue their journey in faith.

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